Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Provisions:

  • All customers have confirmed and accepted all these laws by purchasing (added on September 23, 1395)
    All people are required to pay the tracking code after purchasing and paying for Tom and enter it to receive the program.
    Individuals are required to maintain follow-up code for follow-up and follow-up support.
    In case of purchase or deposit of funds in error or upon request of repayment before 24 hours and the agreement with it, 5% of the cost of the deposit is deducted and the rest will be returned to the customer’s account. Therefore, before buying sufficient precision Ask for questions by ticking or calling. (Updated March 21, 1395)
    The collection does not have any responsibility for the benefit and use of the programs and the fraudulent practices of criminals or third parties. Buying apps outside of the official FiO site to is totally unrelated to the collection, and it does not take any responsibility for the collection, and it has all the consequences of buying it that is indifferent to the company’s announcements and without any precision. Purchase apps from other sites.
    No services and support are provided in the virtual space of the telegram, etc. The only way is the official support and sales through the website. The phone is collectively limited to more information and questions and is not subject to any formal and non-curable content. Therefore, in the event of a problem, no text or announcement from or on the sales phone numbers of the FiO official site is invoked… Only and only the ticket is cited an official. Therefore, it is recommended to submit a Ticket for the official interaction with the collection.
    Sales of products outside the official FIW website are not approved by the collection and will not be subject to any support or service.
    All after-sales and support services are provided to the customer for up to 3 months after the purchase of each program, and then there is no responsibility for answering and providing after-sales service! There is also no support for the service! (Added on March 20, 1396)
    Possibility to delay delivery of the program and lines for 1 to 24 hours. Under major force conditions, the maximum delivery time of the lines varies from 72 to 168 hours, which the customer can officially declare withdrawal through the ticket and return the money only and only if the user declares the withdrawal, and is possible before delivery. Is! (Updated on September 23, 1395)
    If so, the team may modify these rules whenever it wishes and then declare it on the official website of the FIVO and all persons must accept it. If the person does not know, it means that he has accepted all the new rules and Any responsibility or problem in case of neglect is the responsibility of the individual.
  • All real and virtual programs and programs are checked and tested before being delivered to the buyer and then delivered, and no warranties after delivery and no excuse is accepted.
    Faye’s Collections do not have any representative or seller who does not pay cash out of the website! No card will be credited to the card and the account will be charged, and the correct and official payments will only be possible through the website payment portal!
    In the programs of posting advertising if the user does not use the laws of the Islamic Republic of these programs, if the competent authorities and the law enforcement agencies all violations of the perpetrators are disabled, and his personal details will be provided to these authorities. Therefore, all Also follow the rules of sending SMS messages in advertising cybercafe! (Added on September 23, 1395)
    The use of all programs and lines is entirely the responsibility of the customer and the Responsible Designer and Programming Team does not accept any liability, so the customer will buy and use these programs with their own responsibility (added on September 23, 1395)
    The contact number placed on the website is essential for calls and is answered between 9 am and 6 pm, sometimes the relevant operator may not be present or the phones are disconnected, so users are required to make all the Follow the official ticketing and use the phone as a side-by-side connection if you wish! (Added on September 23, 1395)
    In case of a defect in the program or actual and virtual lines, the buyer is obliged to inform the collection 1 to 6 hours after receipt of the defect in question. Otherwise, and more than 6 hours after delivery of the program. The product or service does not accept any liability and no returns will be given.
    After purchase, no payment will be made to the customer’s account within 24 hours of delivery, so be sure to make sure you get the right amount and the relevant laws and regulations before purchasing.
  • As long as the Telegram program is active and does not change the policies, all licenses will always be active. However, there is no response to the software and other software community policy changes in the suite, but the technical and professional team of HiFiveAds will try to update and update the program but are not obligated to do so.
    An Oversight or a Problem in Program Activity Created The buyer is required to first notify the problem through a website through his website and account and wait for 1-48 hours to review and respond.
    The use of names, images, and logos, programs and brands is completely illegal and prosecuted.
    The only way to connect the flavors and clients through the website is through ticketing.
    All problems and consequences of payments and purchases outside of the Web sites of the Website are the responsibility of the customer, and the website of the collection will not be liable to any liability to it, and all liability is payable to third parties and outside of the website if you purchase it… The only official website is the HiFiveAds website, and other websites will not be valid for sale or direct support.
    All the people who are in the name of the collection only have a promotional role and only sell on the website, otherwise, they will be prosecuted. If you encounter such cases as soon as possible. All official Flight announcements on the official Telegraph channel will be available at
    In the event of an illegal sale of the program by a third party, the offense will be considered and the offender will be prosecuted.
    A program sold by an intermediary will not be approved, and no support or service will be assigned to these individuals and programs. Individuals can file a complaint from the intermediary, and this will have no connection with the collection.
    The official channel, the official group, and the official website of Faywak, are the following, with the name of the swindler, and if you encounter it, notify them to be prosecuted.

  • No sales will be made outside of the website, and if you buy this way, all responsibility will be with the client himself.
    The Fayo Collections will cooperate fully with the competent authorities and are subject to the domestic laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, we ask all customers to comply with all laws in order to have healthy and proper advertising in cyberspace! (Added on September 23, 1395)
    The Fayo series has plans for improving and developing domestic products, supporting national production and supporting national manufacturers and sellers of products, and offers many discounts to these centers. (Added on September 23, 1395)
    No one will be offered to people who do not comply with ethical and social standards and act as offensive or hostile or threatening, but no one will be deactivated by the license, and only the after-sales service will be discontinued.
    People who work in the cyberspace of websites against this collection will be prosecuted and prosecuted by the community as a scam.
    Any intrusion, manipulation, tampering with programs is inhuman and illegal and will be prosecuted and punished and compensated by the competent authorities.
    The FiO collections do not have any responsibility for the manner and type of use of our programs and services by our customers.
    HiFiveAds collections will provide customers with incentives and discounts whenever they feel comfortable and will not have any responsibility or responsibility.
    How to follow the order:
    Up to 8 hours to review, confirm or disapprove, we will check again if we do not approve it, and if your disapproval is correct, the line will be replaced and otherwise we will respond after 8 hours, we will base We will approve you and then there will be no objection and no claim, and no amount will be returned, so please, pay full attention.
    Create an account on the site:
    If you create an account and also subscribe to the official Firewall channel, you will be able to find out about the latest announcements, as well as discounts and promotional gifts and incentives donated to users.


Dear customer, please carefully read the following materials before purchasing, completing and submitting the purchase order form.

  1. The vendor undertakes to take care of the individual and personal information of the buyer in terms of their ability and ability and to treat this information as completely confidential and shall not be filed with any person or legal person except with a formal and legal disqualification.
    The seller must provide the buyer with accurate and complete information about the goods.
    The seller does not have any responsibility for the incompatibility of the goods purchased with the hardware and software of the buyer’s system.
    The seller is not responsible for the training and how to work with purchased goods.
    The seller can, in recognition and for any reason, cancel the order and refuse to send the order.
    The buyer is obliged to provide the seller with accurate and complete information to receive the order by mail.
    The buyer is obligated to obtain the necessary information about the goods, including the hardware and software requirements, through the seller’s site before submitting the order form, and then send the order.
    At present, goods supplied in the tax warehouse are not subject to value-added tax services only, which are specified in the invoice at the time of purchase.
    The price prevailing at the customer’s order in the precursor is valid.
    In this store, you will only have the license (code activation code) and codec card, and no physical packets will be sent to you.
    The product code is delivered immediately after purchase.
    Stay in touch with the support line telephony if you have problems using the card’s code. Calling times are listed on our contact page.
    Please be careful in choosing the goods; the delivered code is not replaced or returned.
    This store does not have any other addresses except the address stated and will not be held liable for similar sites.
    Stay in touch with support line telephony to contact support during non-working hours.
    To use the purchased license, you can use it legally on software that you previously installed or after downloading and installing it.
    Before using the license, read carefully the explanations that accompany it with the delivery of the license.
    Licenses provided can only be used on the same number of machines that are included on the site and, if used for more than the permitted number, are blacklisted by the manufacturer and are void and the seller is also responsible It will not be in this field.
    Due to the nature of one-time use of licenses and credit codes after purchase, no licenses can be returned to the seller, even if not used, please be sure to carefully check when shopping.
    The responsibility for the maintenance of the acquired license is the responsibility of the user and, in the absence of or disclosure, the buyer will be liable for the loss, and the seller will not be liable for any problems.
    Licenses provided to the vendor are fully reserved and will never be placed at the disposal of the seller.
    The buyer must write down the specifications that the licensee declares when the software is activated and, if this information needs to be reactivated, it should be noted that, in the absence of this specification, the seller will not be liable in this regard. Had
    In some cases, after the purchase of the license, the buyer insert the information into the software activation and activates the software without having to memorize it. After a while, with the replacement of the operating system, it will need to re-activate the software and Because it does not store license information, the seller asks for fixing the problem and is due to the nature of the unsuspecting seller.
    In accordance with the implementing regulation of Articles 38 and 48 of the e-commerce law, Article D, “Consumer goods manufactured with a clear personal character, or because of their nature can not be recovered, or as quickly as possible Corruption and destruction. “The right to withdraw from the transaction is canceled for the consumer. To this end, after registering the order and paying the payment, the consumer will not have the right to withdraw from the purchase.
  2. If problems such as sanctions imposed by companies by producers or the failure of services provided by the server to the customer are created, this is the responsibility of the authorities of the foreign producer company and will not be responsible to the seller.
    Because of the digital sales process, we are out of print offerings, buyers can print from the pre-invoice provided at the time of purchase.
    Licenses sold are warranted and, if there is a problem, have support services via email.
    If there is a malfunction in the banking operation and the transaction is unsuccessful, if it is deducted from the buyer’s account, this amount is returned to the buyer’s account within 48 hours of the transaction, in this case because the money is from the buyer’s account Deducted but not credited to the seller’s account, the seller has no obligation to the buyer to deliver the product or return the money; in this case, the buyer must wait until the banking operation is amended, and if the buyer has to boost the product, Register a new one and then wait for a refund from the bank.
    The price charged when ordering the customer is valid and definitive and is not subject to tax.
    All purchases on this site are subject to current e-commerce laws.
    The high temperature may change. The buyer must always be aware of the conditions by visiting this page!

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