InstaParadise 30days (new generation of Instagram robots)

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InstaParadise (new generation of Instagram robots)

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Description: New generation of Instagram automation with Follow,UnFollow,Like,Comment,Direct and …

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Insta Paradise (new generation of Instagram robots)

New Generation of Intelligent Robot Software for Instagram

The new generation of Instagram’s Intelligent Robot program is the Insta Paradise program, which is provided only by HiFiveAds! Insta Paradis is excellent and works with great mechanism and facilities!

  • No need for installation, very easy and fast (portable software)
  • No need for technical and specialized knowledge to work with this program
  • High speed and stability
  • Record and submit a complete and accurate report
  • User-Friendly (English interface)
  • Intelligent Anti-Lock System (New)
  • Equipped with a proxy system for connecting each account to different IPs from a system
  • Ability to manage and categorize different and different accounts without restrictions on adding accounts
  • Ability to save the specialized settings of each account individually and store it on cloud servers
  • Ability to store accounts in a file and carry it to another system or server or back up
  • Ability to add an infinite number of accounts and manage them simultaneously and seamlessly, all automatically by the application
  • Ability to save different settings based on each module (Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, Direct, Post, Story, etc.) for each account.
  • Equipped with a highly intelligent system for simulating mobile devices and Instagram software to prevent blocking.
  • Equipped with a highly professional and detailed reporting system with graphs based on the date and the full report of the functionality and the proposal to improve the settings.
  • Fully customizable and changeable based on existing and highly flexible needs for a variety of activities
  • Full application stability on a massive scale (no problem and crash the program)
  • Ability to add or save accounts and transfer them with their own settings
  • The ability to connect to Virtual Number Services and Virtual Mail Services as an API and auto to confirm the accounts that are blocked or restricted.
  • Ability to stop and continue the operation from the last stopping point
  • You can set the number of traffic stops and breaks and details such as gender, the type of behavior of the users you are looking for
  • Based on the API, it works without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows (.NET Framework 4.5).
  • Limited support and updates
  • Possibility to provide a very accurate and complete report for each operation with CSV split and format
  • Core Edition under the Console App for programmers and Web Service enthusiasts for the programming
  • And hundreds of other special features
  • Design and Programming: HiFiveAds specialist & programming department


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Purchased only and exclusively through the website and includes limited support

We will not be responsible for outsourcing!

The HiFiveAds does not have any responsibility for line sales sites (any type and country) and no lateral Instagram policies!

No support is provided for any lifetime program and only 30 days after the purchase of the product support and upgrade service is provided.

Each license is embedded for a system or server and there is a possibility of reset licensing and program migration!

Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing the program

Licensing is not a lifetime program and only 30 days after the purchase of the product license and update, and then should re-purchased.

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