Proxy dedicated 30pcs for Telegram

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Telegram Dedicated Proxy

Quantity: 30 pcs (increase the number of items during purchase)

Terms of service: 24 hours to 48 hours on request and follow up

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Question before purchase: Ticket section

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Specifications of proxies:

Type:   HTTPS

Qty:  30 dedicated IPs
Port:   80 , 5555
Bw/month:   2000GB
Uptime:   99.99%
Speed:   1Gb/ps

The proxies of all of the following countries are available:




If you do not renew before the expiration and the proxy expires, you can not buy the same proxies, but if you extend the proxies before expiration, you can restart the proxies!

The best quality and speed in proxies is with the ability to set the username and password and the ability to work simultaneously on three servers.