Telegram Adrenaline (Group based bulk advertisement)

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Telegram Adrenaline (Group based bulk advertisement)

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Description: Massive telegram group ads sender that is very fast and without limitations (high-speed and professional)

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Telegram Adrenaline (Group based bulk advertisement)

The most professional group promotional program (fast group promotion with the new generation API)

✔️ Telegram Adrenaline is the method of sending messages in groups, there is also the possibility to post messages from channel to groups and the possibility to send text or photo there! After signing up and forwarding or forwarding messages, virtual lines can drop out of your groups.

The newest product from the HiFiveAds is the Telegram Adrenaline, a new generation of ads with HiFiveAds !!!

The fastest and most successful promotional program on the telegram, presented for the first time from HiFiveAds!

  • No need for installation, very easy and fast (portable software)
  • No need for technical and specialized knowledge to work with this program
  • High speed and stability
  • User-Friendly (English interface)
  • Intelligent Anti-Lock System (New)
  • Possibility to send message and picture or post feed from channel to telegram groups
  • Send by healthy lines or files (without line-type differences)
  • Advanced algorithms send forward quickly (on the last layer Telegram)
  • Adding the desired account (s) to previously registered groups (suitable for groups that want to introduce several people)
  • Bulk checking of groups links and their complete and accurate separation without the need for a telegram account
  • Ability to subscribe to the desired links of the group by reviewing the group (the possibility of not being admitted to the ad groups)
  • Possibility to send post or post feeds to new groups or to previously joined groups
  • Grab Links (Graber) is Smart with the ability to check the links of groups and the ability to subscribe or create a list of links found
  • Possibility to visit channel posts using IP and no need for an account and virtual line (requires proxy and IP Changer)
  • Ability to leave all the groups and chats registered at the earliest time
  • Automatic exit from groups that are restricted or deleted
  • Exit with the ability to set the maximum number of group members and exclude restricted groups if you choose
  • Ability to join the group by setting the number of maximum members of the group or not being advertised
  • Possibility to report each operation accurately and distinctly with a personal robot in the telegram (the ability to set arbitrary robots and the desired recipient)
  • Set up and synchronize the time of the server or system to avoid communication problems with the telegram server
  • Possibility to set the proxy (IP connection) line of the line individually and proprietary for each line when registering line if desired.
  • Ability to set API ID, HASH and type of device connected to Line Separate for each line (automatic and manual)
  • Compatible with IP Changers to prevent IP and Mac Address blocking
  • Full application stability in massive uploads (no problem and crash)
  • Ability to add or save virtual numbers (for sending messages)
  • Support @username with phone number (both simultaneously)
  • Possibility to send messages to all groups of telegrams (sent in and out).
  • Possibility to send text, image with subtitles or forward of your favorite channel posts without limitation in volume
  • Possibility to set send speed and target groups
  • Possibility to add or change link of target groups
  • Ability to add or save new virtual numbers
  • Ability to stop and continue the operation from the last stopping point
  • Possibility to adjust the amount of stops and interruptions
  • Possibility to add or change link of target groups
  • Ability to update the app automatically by clicking on a button
  • Provides many options for adjusting to the user, if desired
  • Based on the API, it works without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows (.NET Framework 4.5).
  • Limited support and updates
  • Possibility to provide a very accurate and complete report for each operation with CSV split and format
  • Core Edition under the Console App for programmers and Web Service enthusiasts for the programming
  • And hundreds of other special features
  • Design and Programming: HiFiveAds specialist & programming department


If you provide a virtual line and a group link for you, send a test to be sure to buy!

Purchased only and exclusively through the website and includes limited support

We will not be responsible for outsourcing!

The HiFiveAds does not have any responsibility for line sales sites (any type and country) and no lateral telegram policies!

No support is provided for any lifetime program and only 60 days after the purchase of the product support and upgrade service is provided.

Each license is embedded for a system or server and there is a possibility of reset licensing and program migration!

Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing the program


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